01. ALVEARE - Matthias Heiderich (Photobook) + Andrea Belfi (Vinyl) - IIKKI, 2017

"Alveare" is a journey across and around man-made cement beehives - the legacy of a group of visionary architects. Their playground: post-war Italy. Their vision: affordable dwelling designed to meet as many human needs as possible. A superficial look at these architectural reveries decades later might bring to mind terms such as "excessiveness" and "megalomania". But these massive edifices are prototypes of a city of the future – an urbanized future that was yet to be shaped by bold ideas and dreams. Meandering across the endless corridors of Nuovo Corviale or Rozzol Melara is like a surrealist hike through the realities of thousands of inhabitants of a beehive. And although the walls are made from rigid concrete, they have an organic feel to them. Facades move, shapes shift. Human demands are stronger than concrete and nature will always find a way ."Alveare" is a look at drawing board visions cast into concrete and their human adjustments. "Matthias Heiderich"

Limited edition of 500 copies for the book + 500 copies for the vinyl.

Book : hardcover (30cm x 22 cm), 112 pages, 88 photos, printed on Munken print white paper 150g/m2, logo, slot and brown circle embossed

Vinyl : cutting lacquer, printed on polish paperboard, mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

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02. SPEKTRUM BERLIN - Matthias Heiderich - Editions Intervalles, Paris 2014


"For a hundred years, architecture has been recognized as an undisputable trademark of German photography. From Albert Renger-Patzsch to Karl-Hugo Schmölz and of course Hilla and Bernd Becher, many innovators of architectural photography are indeed German. German photography has led the world into a new understanding of our relationship to the urban and man-made environment. It revealed how photographs of architecture are important, not only as art, but also as a testimony of time, trends and evolution, as documentary of buildings that have since been destroyed. Matthias Heiderich’s photos are not the exceptions to the rule. The influence of the German tradition is omnipresent in his work. With the same rigor and pragmatism as the Bechers, Heiderich also creates typologies of industrial buildings and structures. Just like them, he isn’t interested in the human form and yet each of his photos is full of humanity, emphasizing how each building is a product of human mind and skill. [...]" Gwen Lafage

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Title: Spektrum Berlin (ISBN-13: 9782369560043)
Author: Matthias Heiderich
Price: 29 £ (UK) // 29 € (Europe)
Format: 10 inches x 10 inches
Publisher: éditions Intervalles
Cover: binded
Number of pages: 96
Number of illustrations: 90
Genre: Photography

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