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I'm available for freelance work. I have worked with many companies, galleries, agencies, labels, magazines, artists, designers, since 2011. Clients include Adobe, Google, Squarespace, LG, Plus One, Conde Nast, Sonae Sierra, Ink Global, Wallpaper*, Blurb, …

Many of my images are available as limited edition fine art prints. Please contact me for more details.


"(...) Saturated to the limits of reality, Heiderich’s sweet-and-sour colors pop out of the frame and make your day brighter. His palette seems to come directly from the 80’s, when every sky was a perfect blue. He might be looking into the past through its urban settings but he does so with the freshness of the present and the optimism of the future. And while colors progressively become his trademark, Heiderich is never afraid to break his own codes, choosing black and white or creating beauty out of dull foggy atmospheres. He doesn’t play by the rules and doesn’t care about trends in the contemporary photographic world. Self taught, he follows his natural instinct for composition and his incredible eye for creating beauty from simplicity. Series after series he experiments, searches for individuality and cultivates a unique style and sensibility without falling into complexity." Gwen Lafage